The LPEng Group

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Partnership and Reliability

Since the beginning of its activities in 1987, the LPEng Group works directly with the Electrical Industry and the huge Brazilian Industrial Complex, showing an outstanding quality and safety in the provision of specialized electrical engineering services.

Areas of Expertise

• Projects, Consultancy, Installations, Studies, Commissioning, Preventive, Corrective, and Predictive
• Maintenance Services in High Voltage Electric Power Systems.
• Trade of Electrical Materials
• Trade of Electrical Test Equipment
• Leasing of Equipment

Work Place

Installed in an area of 1,000 m², the group features the following areas and facilities:
• Office for the commercial, technical and administrative areas
• Electronic laboratory for the repair and measurement of equipment
• Strategic location, near the Marginal Tietê (Tietê River Side), including modern offices,
 meeting rooms, and training areas
• Equipment storage area
• Insulating oil storage area
• Shop area for the repair of transformers and circuit breakers
• Storeroom
• Automatic 5 ton block and tackle
• Vehicle parking area
• Locker rooms carros